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Happy Birthday to me…

Another year older and, as someone reminded me, another step closer to 40.

The birthday fairy brought me a vast assortment of presents and cards from around the world for which I am very grateful.

I took the day off to veg out for the day. Joanna always finishes at 11:50am and, on Wednesdays, Rachel finishes at 1:30pm. This allowed us to go to the cinema in the afternoon as a birthday treat.

Apparently, the definition of birthday treat has changed since my day. A birthday treat in this day and age means that you have to drive yourself and pay for everybody else to go and watch a film that they want to see. Suffice to say, I had a senior moment for about an hour and woke up just as the film was ending. I’m reliably informed, it got exciting about 5 minutes after I closed my eyes.

We got home this afternoon and the girls decorated my cake. Sam used candles that permanently stay lit.  So we watched as a large number of candles melted themselves into the chocolate icing. Note to self: buy tweezers. Wax aside, the cake tasted very nice.

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