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Road Trip

Yesterday saw the Kelly family decamp and head to Roseville to see Dug. He’s ex-HP, current-Samsung and British. He’s been very useful during our migration as he’s been able to give me pointers as to where I can go wrong and what to avoid.

Good fun was had by all. Sam got to visit a new mall, I got to buy a new TV for the bedroom (a tip is to measure the opening on your car boot before you buy the TV otherwise you may find yourself in the parking lot having to take everything out of the box and rotating your TV to get it into the car), the girls got to play with Dug’s energetic dog called Chloe and Dug got to buy lunch 🙂

This is the first trip outside of San Mateo/San Francisco counties for Sam and the girls and it was good to see that the car survived the journey.

This week sees my birthday arrive after another year. I’m being pestered to think up some presents that I might want. I’m busy clicking my way through the Fry’s on-line shopping site, desperately looking for ideas.

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