New Gadget

Father Christmas brought me a $50 gift card for CompUSA.

Up until now, I didn’t have anything I really wanted to buy with it. Today, I was scanning through DVD Jon’s (the guy notorious for DeCSS) blog at and was following some comments for one of his posts.

I came across a word-of-mouth recommendation for the Philips DVP642 DVD player.

As I’ve mentioned, the LCD TV that I bought from Best Buy doesn’t handle a PAL signal so the DVD players we brought over from the UK are no use to us unless we use the UK TV. This Philips DVD player is capable of outputting a PAL DVD as NTSC. Not only that, but a quick handset hack (Open/Close – 7 – 8 – 9 – OK – 0) makes the player region free. Better still, CompUSA had them on offer for $49.99.

So, I’m now watching the region 2 DVD of Minority Report on the LCD TV with my new DVD player ( did I mention it was progressive scan as well ? ).

Better still, I’ve moved the LCD back into the front room so I get to watch HDTV.

There is a God and he loves me 🙂

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