Financial Rants

For the love of …

I tried Cingular again today. Big mistake.

I used their on-line ordering service because I have my eye on the Motorola Razor V3.

It all went swimmingly until I checked on the order this evening ( after giving some time to allow the records to update ). The web site still wasn’t showing that it recognised my order. I phoned Cingular customer service to find that the order has been cancelled because Equifax are advising that I need to pay a $500 deposit in order to set the account up.


Why is it that I can get a landline, electricity, gas, cable TV and high-speed internet with the minimum amount of hassle (and pay the bills on time) but I can’t get a cell phone ?

I’m off to BofA tomorrow to discuss setting up a secured credit card which is specifically designed to build a credit history.

This is becoming tedious.

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