And so it begins…

It's a very scary thought deciding to uproot your whole family and move 5000+ miles West to San Francisco just for the sake of opportunity.

This is what's happening to us on June 2nd this year as we move with Scalix.

We're pretty much playing the whole thing by ear and moving along with events as they happen. We know we still have to find a place to live and school for the girls but this is something that we can better do in situ rather than over the internet.

We were recommended a great rental list at craigslist and it's proved indispensable trying to work out what the rental prices are like and what the geography is.

We have 1001 things to tie up here in the UK but email and Skype can assist us there. We're frantically cancelling anything and everything we've ever subscribed to or paid bills for. My life will be practically unrecognisable once I no longer have Sky+ or an internet connection.

What are we looking forward to ?

A new experience. Chances are, we'll end up being an island of Englishness in the sea that is Americanism 🙂 I don't mind that much as long as Fox keep writing the Simpsons and I get to download new episodes of Doctor Who.

It's my intention to keep this updated as much as possible to let people know how we're getting on. Keep watching the skies…