World of Warcraft

Tetanus, Gryphons and Rabid Budgies

OK people, let me take a moment to warn you of the dangers of that Rusty Mechanical Harvester Golem that you have in the corner of your garage. Have you stopped to think that this device might be swarming with tetanus bacteria at all ?

Nope, neither did I until I found that if you fight one in the middle of a field, it will give you tetanus without so much as a “Please may I…?”.

The effects are minor and they wear off after about 20 minutes so I’m not sure what the point of it is.

I’m still the warlock and I’ve broken into a double digit level ( 11 ). This brings on a whole heap of new trouble to deal with. I can now summon a void walker which is a purple cloud with a deep voice who seems to complain every time I summon him. He’s useful to send into battle first while I sit on the sidelines and project firebolts at people. He’s not as much fun as Zilnip. The girls and I have both grown attached to Zilnip since we first met him and he’s always good for a laugh. I keep forgetting to take him off aggressive so I’ve managed to lose a number of fights with Defias bandits.

Most of my contact with the bandits has been in the middle of farms for some reason. They must like pumpkins.

I had an interesting series of quests involving two feuding farm families. The little brat of a son from one family had stolen the necklace of the mother from the other family. The lying toad had the gall to deny that he’d done it and told me that he’d seen a Kobold with it. Yes, that’s it, blame the Kobolds again.

I also had to pass love letters between Romeo-and-Juliet-a-like. The denoument of that quest was that I had to collect kelp for an apothecary to create an invisibility potion so that Juliet could go and visit Romeo. I’m staying clear of that farm when her dad finds out she’s expecting the enemy’s child. They should write a play about those two feuding families.

In amongst that, the aunt of the Capulets wanted me to kill a pig. This wasn’t any old pig. She has a Porcine Entourage. If you attack her, her bodyguards lay into you. Even Zilnip couldn’t get me out of that one. Luckily, and this is the wonderous beauty of this game, a couple of other players stuck around until I’d killed the pig and got all the Defias bandanas that I needed.

So, back to Stormwind I went and I got my Void Walker ( Grimmon ). He’s not very talkative and, like I said before, he moans a lot. I might call him Marvin.

Being a higher level allows me to explore West of Goldshire. Previously, I got torn to shreds by the Fleshripper ( read Rabid Budgie ) but now they ignore me unless I stray off the path. However, they seem to delight in attacking me once I try to cross fields. Again, I’ve spent a lot of time dead.

Sentinel Hill is a small outpost in the same region but this one has a Gryphon stop. The Gryphons will fly you to and from Stormwind City for 99 copper pieces.

It’s a bit steep. In my day you could get a Gryphon ride into town, a good meal and a drink and still have change for a new suit of armour out of change from a sixpence.

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