World of Warcraft

Do I have “Kill Me” tatooed on my forehead or something ?

I think that death is Nature’s way of reminding me that you shouldn’t go into regions of the realm where all the animals are at a level 7 points higher than you, gang up in packs and you have an imp that falls over at the slightest touch. Prowlers, Tarantulas, Murlocs. All of them have some sort of grudge against me.
Yesterday’s lesson was that you don’t buy weapons that you’re not rated to use otherwise the vendor will buy them back at a much lower price than before.

I was the Warrior Elf and was happily collecting money ( in between getting killed by the monkey bears ) so I thought I’d get a better weapon. A nice bow would do me. So, I bought a bow and a couple of quivers of rough arrows. It turns out that I need to be at a better level of something ( not sure what yet but my character level certainly meets the requirements ) before I can use it. The crook of a merchant bought back the bow at about 25% of the original price and now nobody wants to buy my arrows back. I might have to drop them somewhere.

My quests consisted of filling bottles in one pool and taking them back to someone. I have one quest to find someone in the monkey bear village. I got to him and got attacked by a monkey bear while listening to the corpse I was supposed to find ( words from beyond the grave, obviously ). I beat the monkey bear up and he ran away before he could die so I thought I’d have enough time to listen to the corpse. Not so, I turned my back on the monkey bear and he beat me to death again. Why can’t we just get along.

Today, I was the warlock again. Zilnip behaved himself apart from one little moment where I left him on aggressive again and he picked a fight with a wolf.

My quest at the moment is to get armbands from Riverpaw Runts. This one is tiring because I forgot to accept the quest before I ran for 100 miles east to find that I didn’t have the quest in my quest book and so I needed to run 100 miles west to talk to the soldier again and then 100 miles back again.

I need to find the “Scroll of Running Very Fast” or the “Rune of Owning a Porsche” otherwise I’m going to expire on the path.

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