World of Warcraft

WoW day 4

My other two realms are full again so I’m still the warlock.

Now the situation is reversed. People are throwing money at me left, right and centre so I’m rich beyond the dreams of avarice ( well I have 8 silver and 60 copper coins ) but now nobody wants to train me.

I spoke to Mark yesterday and he gave me hints about what to expect and told me to go to Stormwind City to see my warlock trainer there. She was bloody useless. I got some spell that was so pointless that I kept it in my spell book and I can’t remember what it is. It certainly doesn’t help me when I’m being torn to shreds by the Fleshripper even though I stayed on the path near the Jensen Stead. As usual, my corpse was a few miles from the graveyard so I floated ethereally back towards it to find that the stupid bird was hovering over me like a vulture. As you can guess, I resurrected right into the claws of death. This is getting monotonous. I tried again as the game allows you to resurrect within range of your corpse. Wonderful, I thought. I’ll run as fast as I can back to what looks like the path that’ll keep me safe.

Wrong !

The bird has wings. It can fly. It can chase me faster than I can run. It can bloody kill me again !

It’s all nice and peaceful in Elwynn Forest with bunnies and things. Music floats from the fayre and everything is right with the world. As soon as you get to the edge of the forest, the music distorts into minor chords and the scenery changes. You’d think that would be a clue enough to go no further. But, full of bravado from getting a Rank 2 shadow bolt ( oh yes ! ) I continued on. Big mistake. The imp formerly known as Zilnip ( I call him that because he died at the first sign of trouble ) couldn’t help me at all. I’m going back to the bunnies.

Stormwind City was an experience. It’s a huge shopping mall which emulates real life. It contains lots of shops that I never want to go into and the ones that I do, it contains things I can’t afford.

So, answer me this, if everything I want or need costs me lots of silver and gold coins, how to I get on quests to earn that kind of moolah particularly ones that don’t involve me killing Kobolds at all ? I’ve had it up to here with Kobolds. They’re just doing a job like the rest of us, why do I have to kill them ?

Stormwind City has a Cheese Shop. They missed a fantastic opportunity to have a bazouki playing in the background.

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