World of Warcraft

WoW day 3

So now I’m a warlock. My other realms were full so that precipitated another character.

I know level 6 is nothing to brag about but I’m obviously getting to levels faster than before.

What’s helped me is that I have a little friend called Zilnip or Zinlip or Ziploc or something. He’s an imp.

He’s a bloody trouble maker. I think I left him on “Aggressive” so now he’s starting fights that I can’t finish.

We’re a tag team with fire bolts so I can sent him off into the distance to kick someone first while I’m charging up the first salvo. Sometimes it works and we kill people really quickly. Other times, he seems to get bored so while we’re attacking two people at the same time, he goes off and invites another person to the party.

So, today, I have mostly been a corpse.

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