World of Warcraft

What is Darnass reputation and, more importantly, does it give me enough proficiency to wear the ragged cloak ?

The one benefit out of playing Wow is that it’s given me no end of material.

Last night was much better. I’m now a warrior night elf with purple hair and glowing eyes. This change of appearance was mainly due to the WoW login screen telling me that my other world was full and I was 483 in the queue. More worryingly, my place in the queue was getting higher and higher, i.e. people were pushing in front of me. Before I had the chance to get into the 300s, the server disconnected me so I tried another realm.

This time I’m in a forest. My quests have been to kill pigs and more pigs. Sometimes I get to kill cats but mostly pigs. I found that there are little imps that run around. You can kill them too but there’s not many of them to find. They carry money though so it’s always useful to rob them once they are dead. There’s something a little immoral about this game.

I took a quest to find someone’s friend in a cave with a few spiders. Problem is, the spiders are about as large as a kitchen table. I abandoned that quest as I think if someone was stupid enough to go into a cave with spiders as big as that, they don’t deserve rescuing.

When I first started killing the spiders, I only had a little sword ( cue size jokes ) which meant it took a long time to achieve the kill. When they died, they rolled over and I could take eyes and sticky ichor which, for some reason, the vendors will pay more for than weapons, clothes and food. There wasn’t anything else I could take from these arachnids. However, I took a quest for some guy standing outside of the village hall who wanted some venom sacs. Conveniently, all spiders after that seemed to have venom sacs that I could take as well. Why ? Why can’t I pick up venom sacs *before* my quest and serendipitously present them to the guy when he asks ?

Guy: Do you want to risk life and limb going into a dark cave with venemous spiders ?

Me: No need ! [ Reaches into bag ] I’ve got some venom sacs right here.

Guy: Cheers mate, I owe you a pint.

My Darnass reputation goes up by 300 million and everyone walks away safe and sound ( apart from the friend of the other quest setter who I abandoned previously ).

Silver coins give me the opportunity to speak to my warrior trainer and get more skills. So far, I can charge in battle 1 point higher than before and now, wait for it, I can shout in the middle of a melee. But, I now have a bigger sword than before and it looks like it’s a winner. My last one nearly broke.
This new world is interesting. I got a quest to find an emerald in a village that has been taken over by monkey bears. Every other village, if I stay on the paths, has been pretty safe but these monkey bears attack on sight with bigger sticks than mine so I might abandon that quest until I get an even bigger sword.

I *do* like the 20-foot high walking purple bush that stomps around the forest making the ground shake.

My current quest ( now that I have a bigger sword ) is to pick up a spider egg from the cave. I got to the nest, opened the egg and got an icon to pick it up so I could take it back. Running as fast as I could, I got back to the guy who wanted it and went to present it to him only to find that the number of eggs I’d collected was 0/1. Uh ? I clicked on everything I needed to, why didn’t I pick it up ??? So, now I’m a corpse in the cave having run all the way back and been attacked by a spider tag-team. Obviously my spirit was in the furthest graveyard away still so I’m in the process of floating slowly back to my decaying body to pick up the quest again.

Hope my sword doesn’t break.

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