October stuff

We’ve been getting back into the swing of things now that the girls are back at school.

By “swing”, I mean the daily routine where we fall out of bed at 6:30 and proceed to shout at the girls to eat their breakfast, get washed, dressed, teeth cleaned, bags packed until 8:06 when there is another mad rush as someone has inevitably forgotten something and we have to turn everything over to find it.

Sam continues to volunteer although she’s not required as much because the new teachers have paid assistants. She is co-room Mom (ugh! I hate that spelling) for Joanna’s class which involves coordination of events like Halloween parties etc.

This is what she’s been doing this week. They have to get 60 bags full of Halloween stuff for the 1st graders. This year, the teachers have asked that the bags don’t contain anything too unhealthy. That’s perfectly reasonable. However, some of the other mums have complained that there’s no candy and kids can’t not have candy at Halloween.

Er…hello ? Your kids are going to be getting dressed up on October 31st and filling buckets with all the tooth-rotting candy they can possibly want. Do you want to perpetuate the American obesity problem ?

This year, I should be leaving work early so that I can go trick-or-treating with Sam and the girls. It should be an interesting experience. I guess I’m going to be the one who’s responsible for egging any house that doesn’t give my children sweets. Ah the joys of extortion by menace 🙂

Work continues to get busy. We have a major release due at the end of this year and we’ve also gone open source for some of our components so the market has changed. There are exciting times ahead. In the interim, I’ve managed to get a raise because of the amount of extra work I’m doing.

Next month, Sam’s mum and step-dad come over to visit us. Just before we flew back to the UK, Sam’s step-grandad passed away. Before he did, he gave Sam’s sister some money to make sure that Sam’s mum could get a good holiday after taking care of him for so long. So, a holiday to America was arranged and presented to Sam’s mum for her 60th birthday celebrations. Apart from being able to spend time with them, they’ve stated that Sam and I have to make use of them as baby-sitters. This ties in quite nicely because I bought tickets to see the Pet Shop Boys in San Francisco in November.

When I bought the tickets, they were $110 each ( a few rows from the front, centre stage ). Looking on e-bay, people are selling tickets for over double the price so, next time this happens, I’m going to buy the tickets make some money 🙂

Friday was crazy hair day at school so Sam and the girls all went to school with grape coloured hair. We’re still trying to wash it out.

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