Slightly resembling normality

The Comcast man came today and a very nice man he was. He turned up in his truck with a big reel of black cable. This cable brings TV. TV good.

But, not only does this cable bring TV, it brings the internet. All in a little cable. It's fantastic 🙂

After finding out that none of the wall sockets in the living room were grounded I was beginning to sink into the depths of despair because Sam's PC and the new TV both had grounded cables. Target (similar to Woolworths in goods and cheapness) had some adaptors that turn 2-prong sockets into 3-prong ones. I was concerned because I took the face plates off the wall sockets and there is no earth wire which meant that the adaptor would not be grounded when I installed them.

I mentioned this my US colleagues this morning and they told me that everybody has these adaptors and nobody grounds them. On the assumption that 100% of all sweeping generalisations are false I remain a sceptic but I can't do without TV or internet so we're up and running.

All the documentation seems to believe that we should be getting 3Mbps but I think I need to tune a few settings first.

Still, we're back in the land of the living and we don't need to talk to each other in the evenings anymore 🙂

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