Toys and more toys

Last night, we went to Best Buy in San Carlos.

I'd told Sam that we would be getting cable and internet on Wednesday which means that we'd need new equipment because I'd brought over my DSL modem and we can't get DSL here.

We also need a TV so we looked around the HDTV section and got a small 27″ LCD HDTV-ready screen. Some of the plasma screens were very tempting (and also very inexpensive) so I'll look to see what my next pay cheque holds in store.

We also bought a vacuum cleaner and a wireless router.

This purchase caused no end of trouble because, finally, Barclaycard realised that someone was making large purchases in the San Francisco area. The clerk at the checkout had to call Barclaycard in the UK to get the payment authorised and I ended up having to talk to them to verify that I was who I said I was and that all the purchases that were recorded were genuine.

Actually, thinking about it, I should have said that they weren't and got my money refunded 🙂

This took about 15 minutes because the line between San Carlos and the UK was really poor and, I'm sure, the call centre person at Barclaycard was whispering. It also didn't help that Best Buy were piping really loud rock music throughout the store.

This morning, I got an e-mail from a colleague to say that Barclays had also phoned up my old office number because they had noticed some irregular purchases.

It's fine that they do this but it's a pain when there's a long queue of impatient Americans forming behind you while you try to look natural and pretend that you're not having your credit card refused.

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