Father"s Day

Me ? A confirmed gadget freak ? Next to Fry's with confirmation that I can buy whatever I want as a Father's Day present ? With my reputation ?

To make up for the fact that our last trip to Fry's resulted in nothing for me, I've rectified the situation.

I now have a Creative Wireless Desktop 9000 Pro and a Zeus 22 2.2Gb USB Microdrive ($59 on offer from $129).

I like it when I can buy my own presents.

To make the weekend even sweeter, Sam was encouraging me to buy a Sony 42″ Wega TV. Sadly, it wasn't plasma so I couldn't take her up on the offer (that and we don't have a house yet).

House hunting was slow today. We saw a reasonable place in Belmont (which was really San Mateo) but the neighbourhood and school district get the thunbs downs.

A landmark date today: Christopher Eccleston regenerated into David Tennant.

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