Before I forget…

I took Sam and the girls to a Krispy Kreme restaurant yesterday.

THEY DO DRIVE THRU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a fantastic place where you get to see them pour the dough into a mixer and which extrudes small lumps onto a convoluted series of shelves. The lumps are passed through a warm-air compartment to allow the dough to rise and then they are dropped into a bath of hot oil. Halfway through the process, the half-fried lumps are flipped over so that other side is cooked. After coming out of the oil bath, they are passed through a curtain of molten glaze (basically sugar) to coat them. They give away free donuts from the fresh batch to any of the people who are watching the process. It's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory but the Oompa-Loompas are Mexican.

Sam is a convert and I've pointed out that not only do they have a drive-thru window but they serve the donuts by the dozen and they're in pizza boxes.

Sadly, living next to a Krispy Kreme outlet doesn't override a good school district in the house hunt 🙁

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