Hunting high and low

The search for Kelly Towers still continues.

The criteria we apply to the search are: good school district, affordable rent, decent neighbourhood, affordable rent, good size rooms, affordable rent, walking distance to local amenities, affordable rent.

Somewhere along the line, I think that the greater SF Bay Area has forgotten about the rent part. You'd think that they were out to make as many dollars as possible.

The search is getting a little frustrating. We've focussed on San Carlos as that has great schools and is a good neighbourhood. Sam has met a couple of the families from Scalix who live in the area so she feels comfortable about moving there. Problem is that there aren't that many rental properties available. We thought we'd found a good place but the landlord is undecided about letting us have the place for the rent we've offered even though she had a telephone offer for the same amount from another renter. We have to keep our options open so we're still looking. There were a couple of nice places in Mountain View that looked great from the outside but the second and third bedrooms were too small. Another place we saw in San Carlos had good size rooms with a fantastic kitchen and a little courtyard with citrus fruit trees. Problem was, the landlord lives in a small shed in the back garden and we have to share the laundry facilities. If I wanted to share a house with a complete stranger I would have become a student.

We've moved hotels to the Residence Inn. It's a nice place with a wireless networking so now we have both laptops and the PDA surfing the web. The pool doesn't have a deep end so Sam is able to take the girls during the day and they have fun. The room is now strewn with damp towels all the time.

The “master suite” is upstairs and Rachel and Joanna sleep in a pull-down bed downstairs. Their “bedroom” is separated from the living area by a curtain. It's funny in the mornings to see Joanna wake up and try to find the opening for the curtain like Eric Morecambe used to do in the Morecambe and Wise shows. She's not quite right until she's had her first coffee of the morning and then she joins the land of the living.

I have no idea what we're doing this weekend. House hunting I'd expect.

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