Ghouls and Gadgets

This weekend was the (now-)traditional neighbourhood halloween party.
Fresh from my success as Frankenstein last year, I decided to go with a less scary diguise for fear of frightening the little guests like I did last time. And so Fred Flintstone appeared.
This costume came complete with strap-on feet but it was only when I got home that I found out they were both left.It didn’t spoil the overall effect and once more I garnered the respect of my neighbours. At least, I think they were looking at me in awe.
Sunday saw a real gadget-fest for Sam and I. I finally succumbed to the Dark Side and purchased a MacBook Pro from Apple. It is from this very machine that I am typing to you now.
Sam had her dreams realised and is now the proud owner of a Roomba vaccum cleaner. Anyone who doesn’t know about Roombas should head towards Knowing that she now doesn’t need to vacuum as much, she’s already planning the other machines that she’d like.
We’ve already come up with the WashingUpba, the Ironingba and the Dustingba.

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