September update II

After our great holiday, we landed back at SFO and it couldn’t have been more different from a year ago when we first arrived. It was like coming home. We knew what we were doing and where we were going. When we got home, our landlords had been in and installed a timer switch so that the house looked occupied while we were away.

We were also greeted by a mountain of mail. Most importantly, the tax refunds arrived 🙂

I returned to work the next day. While I was in the UK, I changed jobs in Scalix. I’m now the team lead for the Sustaining Team which basically means patches and hot fixes to the applications in response to customer escalations. This means that I’ve moved out of support into product development. It basically completes the circle. While I was in support I would identify cause and fix but I wouldn’t change the code. In this job, I can do everything ! ( Queue lightining flash and maniacal laughter whilst sitting in a leather chair with a white cat on my lap ).

We spent the intervening time between then and now getting ready for the girls’ return to school. For some reason, the school didn’t publish the new classes until the weekend before they were due to go back. That wasn’t so much of a problem but they also didn’t release Rachel’s school supplies list until then. So we needed to run around in the final weekend getting stuff like pens and pencil boxes etc.

Sam was getting really nervous about letting Joanna go full time because that now means Sam’s in the house on her own. She’s already told me to hide the credit cards and never let her have the car.

Last week was Sam’s birthday. I took the day off and, with the girls at school, I took her shopping to the mall so she could shop uninterrupted. She kept telling me that she felt like royalty being allowed to try everything on without hearing arguments and having her attention diverted.

I just stayed outside the stores keeping quiet.

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